Floating Dock & Jet Ski

Rowing Dock System

Candock offers a specialty adapted version of its floating cubes for low-profile craft.

This system provides a high level of durability, buoyancy and maintenance free safety for personal and competition rowing.

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PWC Jetroll System

The JetRoll is fully compatible with our G2 system as well as all other types of docks on the market. This MDPE unit is 100% foam-filled and literally unsinkable.

Because no assembly is required, the installation is fast and hassle-free. The launching procedure of your watercraft is made easy; thanks to the 12 urethane wheels and their customizable positions.

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Floating Dock System

Our high quality plastic system is guaranteed for twenty years, environmentally friendly, and requires no maintenance. Easy to use and reliable, it provides unlimited configurations and application options.

The Candock modular floating system has become a must for residential, commercial, marina and recreational facility docks or any other application. When compared to wooden, metal or cement docks, its advantages are crystal clear: just consider its exceptional lifespan and its high resistance to the most severe weather conditions.

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